Your Personalized Clause Library, Supercharged.

Splendr combines AI-driven insights with your custom clause library for unmatched contract drafting efficiency.


Take Your Contract Drafting to the Next Level

Stop reinventing the wheel every time you draft a contract, or searching old contracts for previously used clauses. Easily insert clauses and canned responses from your clause library with the click of a button. Shorten turnaround times, reduce costs for your clients, and avoid the dreaded bill write-off.


Efficiently Draft and Revise Contracts

Access your private clause library without leaving Word, with your clauses automatically matched to the clauses within the document.


Effortlessly Build Out Your Clause Library

Review a contract and find a well drafted clause? Draft a new clause that you know will come in handy one day? Add it to your private - organized - clause library with the click of a button.


Identify Missing Terms in Seconds

It only takes a few seconds for Splendr to scan your contract and compare it to your playbook, helping you quickly identify whether something has been missed.

AI Accelerated Drafting: From Insight to Action in Seconds.

Why Choose Splendr


Personalized for Your Practice

Unlike other drafting tools, Splendr elevates the experience with AI-enhanced, shared clause libraries tailored to your practice, enabling teams to work more cohesively and efficiently with their own specialized clauses.


Intuitive and Efficient: Enhancing Team Productivity

Scan contracts in seconds and easily add clauses and make changes with our clear and intuitive user interface. Provide junior team members with direct access to the seasoned insights of experienced professionals, immediately elevating work product quality.


White Glove Onboarding

We’ll help you set up your Splendr experience with one-on-one onboarding, and assist with creating a private, customized clause library and playbook that will be by your side whenever you’re drafting a contract.

Draft Smarter, Faster: AI-Powered Precision Meets Personalized Clauses.

Simplify Drafting, Enhance Results

Boost Revenue

Reduce bill write offs and handle more volume by streamlining document drafting

Ensure Consistency

Draft stronger, more consistent contracts with your own vetted clauses and terms

Provide a Better Client Experience

Increase turnaround times for clients without sacrificing quality, resulting in a win-win experience for you and your clients

Spend Your Time on the Interesting, More Complex Work

Eliminate the mundane tasks from contract drafting and focus on the creative work that really adds value for your clients

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